Hennessy V. S TASTING FEATURE STORY DESIGN DID YOU KNOW COCKTAILS Stories Hennessy Very Special (V. S) is among the most popular cognacs on the Planet. Matured in new oak barrels, Hennessy V. S is bold and aromatic. Its beguiling personality is uniquely Hennessy, a classic choice using the intensity all its own. S offers toasted and fruit notes, using a rich, obviously defined palate along with a welcoming exuberance. Hennessy V. S conveys its vibrant and dynamic personality through exceptional artist partnerships and yearly small variations. Simple to appreciate, it is the ideal cognac for high performance events and sharing the instant. The robust tastes of Hennessy V. So make it very versatile and ideal for any cocktail possibility, from classic recipes along with complex cocktail creations to easy mixed beverages. COLOR Clear and bright, with a gorgeous amber colour. NOSE Initial notes of fresh toast with roasted vanilla and brown sugar have been accompanied and followed with another wave of more subtle blossom fruit aromas. PALATE Its aromatic intensity is reflected in a rich, creamy palate, which provides an extra dimension of vanilla, all rounded off with an exuberantly fresh and floral finish. ALL I NEED The previous rules are simply that: older, outdated. The time is ripe for a bold, limitless collective to control ahead. To alter the game. Hennessy Very Special embodies this Vanguard Society. A VERY SPECIAL LABEL Black light contouring of Check Out A Very Special Collectors Edition From Hennessy | MANjr this vine leaves and also the Hennessy Very Special logo to better your parties. WE LOVE URBAN CULTURE From street artists to hip-hop singers to tattoo artists, Hennessy Very Special has been cooperating with urban culture ambassadors for the previous decades and will continue to support this motion through its annual limited edition. HENNESSY V. S COCKTAILS For java fans, here is an inspired group of the best Hennessy V. S cocktail recipes. View all V. S cocktails THE HENNESSY GINGER COCKTAIL Hennessy and Ginger is the perfect beverage for any time of the day or evening. The spice of the ginger ale brings out the natural spice of Hennessy V. S. Discover HENNESSY GUAVA COCKTAIL Muddle strawberries and lime wedge jointly. Add with Hennessy Very Special and ice hockey to a cocktail shaker and shake. Strain into a Rocks glass. Garnish with a strawberry slice. BETWEEN THE SHEETS COCKTAIL Inspired by Harry MacElhone in 1930, head bartender at the Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. The rum increases the sophistication and refined balance. HENNESSY SUNSET PUNCH COCKTAIL A sparkling melange to your next summer gathering. The wealthy caramel tones in Hennessy Very Special will be the ideal backdrop to the luminous fruitiness. Boldly flavourful, it matches well with sweet, smoky barbecue tastes. BERRY LEMONADE PUNCH COCKTAIL Berries and citrus perform with Hennessy Very Special’s fruity notes to make a really fresh and fantastic punch. WORLD OF HENNESSY